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Alyssa. 18. Sagittarius. Dabachusetts. Taken. Trying to save the world one blunt at a time.
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Friday Stoner Double Promo!!


Wassup lovelies? Hope everyone’s having a good Friday:) let’s do a promo!!
-Must be following missmarijane & the-stoner-sage β™‘β™‘
-60+ reblogs (no likes please, can go over!)
-2 lists of ten blogs with faves bolded will be posted from each of us later once Lyss gets off work. :)
-go go go!! :)

bl0nde-n-baked said: You are such a lovely ray of sunshine, I hope you're having a beautiful day <3

You’re so sweet and beautiful πŸ’•πŸ˜½πŸ’¨ dank you darling. I’m sending you positive vibes.

Anonymous said: Hi so my school (alternative school) gives drug tests and I'm taking mine on Monday and I smoked last week.. I'm fucked if I fail, do you know any way to get it out of your system faster? πŸ˜“

Workout everyday and sweat a lot! Drink lots of water and tea with anti oxidants!

durnb-baby said: Huge admirer... Hi :)

High ^.^

chinacat-sunchild said: Happy Friday!!!!! ❀️🌞🌝⭐️🌻🌡

Happy Friday gorgeous! πŸ˜»πŸ’• have a great day and stay stoned for me pwease!

In such a great mood right meow =^.^=

No one can ruin this.
Probably because babe gave me the D twice this morning. πŸ’–